Top 11 Telecom Companies Providing SD-WAN Services

Some vendors are naturally better than others, and focusing on the biggest and most trustworthy names in the industry is crucial for any business wanting to unlock the full potential of SD-WAN.

Take a look at the top 11 telecom companies to discover which is the right option for you.


AT&T is one of America’s largest telecoms providers, and was one of the first to start supporting global businesses with their SD-WAN needs. Their reputation and size make them a fantastic option for companies of all shapes and sizes.

With a choice from four deployment options – Network Based, Over The Top, Static Network Based, and Static Over The Top – on offer, tailoring the SD-WAN to your requirements is easy.

Verizon Communications

Second only to AT&T in terms of revenue, Verizon Communications is another huge American conglomerate that serves thousands of businesses with their telecoms needs, with SD-WAN becoming the main feature of their service in recent years.

Verizon’s SD-WAN offerings are highly adaptive, which is particularly useful for startups and other companies that expect to grow over the coming months and years.

Deutsche Telekom

The German giant, which is part-owned by the German government, joined the SD-WAN party in 2017 with the introduction of its rapidly deployable Network Function Virtualization(NFV) solution. It has quickly become a firm favorite in Germany and further afield.

‍Deutsche Telekom’s service is stereotypically efficient and reliable while it can be provided by the internet, ethernet, or a combination of the two.

Comcast Corporation

The Comcast Corporation’s SD-WAN deployment is focused primarily on offering speed as well as the ability to manage the entire situation from a single screen. This has made the American company a particularly popular option for that craving efficiency of time and costs.

A carrier-grade Comcast Business ActiveCore SDN platform offers a hybrid solution while the digital-ready architecture can overhaul the existing facilities with stunning results.

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